Pushin’ Progress for young people

The Pushin’ Progress youth life skills development initiative has 3 parts to it: Trailblazer+, Catalyst and the Community Partners Initiative.

Through the support of the Letsatsi Borutho Trust, 50 learners were selected from the William Pescod School in Kimberly to be part of this year’s Trailblazer+. Trailblazer Clubs were formed by the students to allow their peers to meet in a safe space to talk through social issues they are faced with. The process gave the learners skills and inspiration to be drivers of positive social change in their communities.

To celebrate and acknowledge those who completed the programme, a graduation ceremony was held on Saturday 11 March 2023 in Kimberley. The ‘graduates’ shared their thoughts and experiences.  The hope was that other students would be encouraged to apply to participate as future participants.



“The programme has not only been informative but also of great help in identifying social issues that need to be addressed in our school and community. The action project that I participate in focuses on teenage pregnancy. This is currently one of the biggest issues in our school.”

Faith Seleka, Representative Council for Learners, William Pescod High School.





“I have gained so much confidence in myself, and through this programme I got to learn how to be a leader and a better person. My experience has been an awesome one so far. I am excited for what is still to come as we continue this journey by setting good examples for the upcoming generations and bringing change in our communities”.

Emile Dawson, Grade 10 learner from William Pescod High School.



“I joined the Trailblazer Club because I wanted to be part of addressing social issues in our school. This opportunity not only allowed me to be part of the change but also showed me the effectiveness of my input in action.”

Mthuthuzeli Malgas, A member of the Trailblazer Club that focuses on substance abuse.