Restoring hope in the Platfontein community

The !Xun Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centre is a non-profit organization providing a development programme for children between the ages of three and five in Platfontein.

While learners were on a school break, the ECD centre was vandalised to such an extent that it was no longer usable. Jakob Makai, the chairperson of the ECD centre says that the vandalism had a negative impact on the children and the community. With no alternatives to accommodate these learners, it led to many of them roaming the streets and becoming vulnerable.

With the support of the Letsatsi Borutho Trust the building is being fixed and youth will be employed as facilitators, project administrators, security guards, cooks, and cleaners. This project aims to empower and bring hope to the community.

The Letsatsi Borutho Trust supported the restoration and improvement of the Centre with a grant of R250,000.

“The support of the Letsatsi Borutho Trust is helping us to revive that which was taken from us and build the foundation for our children to receive an education in a safe and secure environment.” Jakob Makai, Chairperson of the ECD Centre

Buildings before restoration



First phase of renovations